Energy Storage

Whether it is for residential or commercial use, your solar power system needs energy storage to work well. Energy storage will protect you from experiencing a power outage, allowing you to never worry about the power source for your place and keeping your electronic appliances in their best condition.

Our energy storage uses Tesla Powerwall 2. As the world’s most advanced lithium-ion battery, Tesla Powerwall 2 is equipped with the newest energy storage and distribution technology you can find on the market.

Tesla Powerwall 2 comes in a compact size, making it easy to install and will not disrupt the look of your place. It has 13.5 kWh energy capacity and can distribute up to 7 kW electricity power.

You can install Tesla Powerwall 2 on the floor or wall. If you need extra power storage, you can stack up to 9 devices. Just like any product from Tesla, it is made from high-quality materials. Tesla even gives you 10 years guarantee.

Tesla Powerwall 2 enables you to live completely off-grid without compromising your needs and lifestyle. Leaving fossil-fueled on-grid electricity has been made very easy and affordable.

Contact our team now to know more about energy storage. We have certified and experienced installers who will gladly help you in fulfilling your energy storage needs.

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