About Us

We aim to bring improvements to Canada’s energy industry and economy. We want to provide clean energy that is safe for the environment and the people. The implementation of solar power will not only bring non-polluting and renewable power sources for our future but also new economic opportunities for homeowners, business owners, and every part of society.

We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and are locally owned and operated. Our team consists of certified and reliable solar power installers and specialists. Our years of experience will give you the best services in commercial and residential solar energy.

Our products and services include home and commercial solar, energy storage, electrical service, off-grid solar, and electric vehicle chargers. We will cater to all solar power needs anywhere across the northern and western parts of Canada.

We are committed to bringing innovative solar power solutions that are economical and environmentally safe. Forget about fossil fuels. Our team will help you in having a clean energy source so you can cut your carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly.

We take pride in only delivering the highest quality products and services. We are constantly evaluating and improving to make sure you get an exceptional client experience. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

The earth is our only home, we have to change to a reliable and renewable power technology so we can keep it as a comfortable place to live in. Contact us now and our team will make your transition to solar power technology effortless and stress-free.