Complete Guide to Installing Solar Panels in BC

Here you can find the complete guide to installing a solar energy system. We will discuss how many solar panels do you need, how much do solar energy systems cost, and the economic benefits of solar energy systems.

To determine how many solar panels you need, you will need to look into these three factors: a) how much electricity you need, b) the geographical location of your house, and c) your house’s orientation.

You can determine how much electricity you need by looking at your bills. From there, you can determine how many kWh you use per day. Then, your geographical location is related to how much sunshine you receive at different seasons. The orientation also plays a significant role too, if your house has roofs facing south, it will produce more energy compared to roofs facing east or west. However, it is still easily compensated by adding just a couple more panels.

The costs of solar energy systems depend on your needs. The residential and commercial energy systems of course will cost differently. The cost will vary a lot on the specific conditions of the site too.

Solar energy systems will benefit you in some ways. Economically, if you have a solar energy system in your place, you will save quite a lot of money in a certain period. Historically, the price of electricity has gone up every year.

It means, the longer you depend on on-grid electricity, the more money you’ll pay in the long run. Therefore, by investing in a solar energy system you can save more money in the future.

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