Solar Power Projects

Solar energy is an unlimited and free energy source. We have helped homeowners, business owners, and local authorities in utilizing this energy source. Read the list below to know more of our accomplishments:

1. Education complex solar power projects

Schools and colleges are the centers of the human race’s development. These buildings need so much electricity for their operation. Transitioning to solar energy means cutting down a significant amount of carbon footprint.

Some education complex solar power projects we handled are Edwin Parr High School, Red Deer College Solar, and Fort Simpson Education Complex.

2. Residential solar power projects

Many homeowners across Alberta have trusted us with their solar energy needs. We have installed solar energy systems on many houses with various scales.

You want a solar energy system with high-tech power storage? Don’t worry! We are experienced in installing a solar energy system with Tesla Powerwall 2 power storage.

You want a solar energy system that pleases your eyes without breaking the bank? We got it for you! We have installed all-black solar panels on this house near Edmonton, Alberta. If we can do it for him, we can do it for you too.

3. Solar power plant

The time for a solar power plant has come! It’s time for clean and environmentally friendly power plants. We are experienced in installing solar power plants for communities.