Is Tesla Powerwall the Best Solar Battery?

Have you heard about Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall system? Well, it used to be a part of a simple conversation about nearly impossible futuristic inventions, but guess what? It is happening today. Solar battery maintainers need for storage makes for an undeniably efficient energy solution for houses. It encompasses several astounding features, and the best thing about this technology is it is priced reasonably. However, the real deal here is, is this the “best” solar battery in comparison with your previous solar panels? Let’s now zoom into its components, functions, and costs so we could arrive at the fairest conclusions.

How does your previous solar battery compare to Tesla Powerwall?

Some of the many competitors of Tesla include sonnenCore battery and LG Chem. Although there are many other solar batteries available in the market, these top brands are usually the ones being paired with Tesla-based on their general efficiency and competence rate.

Here are the following details for LG Chem

  • Price: $7,000
  • Warranty: ten years/ 22.4 MWh
  • Operating modes: Backup Power, Solar Self-Consumption
  • Power rating: 5.0kW continuous or 7.0kW peak
  • Usable energy capacity: 9.3 kWh
  • Battery Chemistry: NMC

Here are the following details for sonnenCore

  • – Price: $9,500
  • – Warranty: ten years/ 58 MWh
  • – Operating modes: Backup Power, Using Time, Solar Self-Consumption
  • – Power rating: 4.8kW continuous or 8.6kW peak
  • – Usable energy capacity: 10kWh
  • – Battery chemistry: LFP

Here are the following details for Powerwall

  • Price: $8,000
  • Warranty: ten years/ 37.8 MWh
  • Operating modes: Backup Power, Using Time, Solar Self-Consumption
  • Power rating: 7.0kW peak or 5.0kW continuous
  • Usable energy capacity: 13.5 kWh
  • Battery Chemistry: NMC

What is the price of the Tesla Powerwall in 2021?

The cost of Tesla Powerwall installation (installation of its battery system) amounts to $12,000 since January 2021. The breakdown is $7,500 for one Powerwall battery and $4,500 for installation and gateway, and the total cost is $12,000.

The price for the energy system management of Tesla, which is Gateway, and the installation service, will decrease if you install additional battery packs. Meaning to say, if you can install 2 Tesla Powerwall batteries, its energy system management cost will drop to $4,000. Moreover, you can receive a total of $1,500 discount if you’ll install 1 Tesla Powerwall with solar panels. So, the discount actually increases with the number of Tesla Powerwalls you will install.

Features of Tesla Powerwall

The conclusion should be based on what you can actually get when purchasing a Powerwall. Well, to make the long story short, the answer to that is “a lot.” Tesla Powerwall indeed has several ideal technical specifications inside its solar battery. Plus, its management system, Gateway, allows smart management and monitoring. Below are the key features you could find in Tesla Powerwall:

  • Operation modes: Backup Power, Time-Based Control, Solar Self-Consumption
  • Weight: 251.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 5.75 in x 29.6 in x 45.3 in
  • Discharge depth: 100%
  • Efficiency of the round trip: 90%
  • Power rating: 7kW peak or 5kW continuous
  • Usable capacity: 13.5 kWh
  • Total capacity: 14 kWh

With the power to carry about 13.5kWh of electricity, Tesla Powerwall has the highest usable residential solar power battery capacity ratings on the world’s market indeed. That is already a significant amount of energy to encompass half of the United States average residential energy usage every day. As of 2018, America had approximately¬†64.2GW solar panels installed, and this is a significant amount of power to cover 12.3 million homes in America.

Final Thoughts

Is the Powerwall worth its price? Based on Tesla Powerwall review and ratings, the Tesla Powerwall battery is the most demanded residential solar storage battery. The product gives its users highly advanced technical specs and storage features for the most reasonable price possible. Sadly, Tesla made it more difficult for every homeowner to purchase at least one of these efficient products. Why? It is because you cannot install Tesla Powerwall if you also do not have a solar panel from Tesla.

This is actually one major letdown for some reasons. First is that residential owners who have solar systems already and wish to have battery installation cannot get a Tesla Powerwall anymore. Second, Tesla is actually known for having not-so-good after-sales services. Well, the choice should always be on you. Regardless of the brand that you wish to purchase, there will always be cons and benefits.

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