Home Solar

The home solar power system utilizes the heat produced by the sun and turns it into an electric power source. It is the right solution for homeowners who want to cut down on their carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly.

To know more about how our home solar system works, read below:

  1. Our solar panels will process solar heat and produce DC electricity. Then the DC electricity will be converted into 120V or 240V AC electricity.
  2. Your house will use solar energy as the main electricity source
  3. If your house needs extra electricity, the system will import electricity from the on-grid facility automatically

Installing a home solar energy system will also bring economic benefits to you. Having your source of energy means you can be independent and be freed from the increasing electricity price.

Our home solar energy system will save you thousands of dollars of electricity bills for the upcoming years. You will also contribute to keeping our earth clean and habitable by reducing your carbon emissions.

We provide full service for your residential solar power system needs. Contact us now and we will take care of all the permits and paperwork needed. Just sit back and watch how many benefits you get from having a reliable and renewable power source in your home.

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