The Cost of Solar Panels

Determining the cost of solar panels is the main consideration for most of us before we decide to use a solar energy system. It is actually impossible to determine the exact amount without doing site appraisal.

In general, to install a solar energy system, the cost of the material will make up to 80% of the total. From that 80%, most of it will be allocated for snow panels. Every project of course will have different calculations.

The easiest way to determine the cost of solar panels is by calculating a dollar per watt value. Two main components make up the calculation: a) The fixed cost of permitting and engineering, and b) the installation process.

For permitting and engineering, the more solar panels you can stack up, the lower dollar per watt value you will get. For the installation process, the cost of the unloading process, setting up process, and cleaning up is fixed.

But, what you need to re-calculate is how many solar panels you can install in the same amount of time. For example, if the amount of time to install 30 panels is similar to the time to install 32 panels, it means you will get better cost efficiency if you install 32 panels.

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